Adairville Kentucky in Logan County Kentucky,

is a sort of pseudo, creepy, B rated, dying town in Kentucky where evil twisted souls subject nice, friendly, Christian neighbors, or really anyone for that matter, to punitive unending horrific suffering, most often through bullying, harassment, and torture, as eternal punishment before death, or you have a chance to move out and escape. Aderrrrville, or Dirtville, lost somewhere in the abyss between I-65 and I-24 near the notorious and often violent Tenn-tucky State Line Tavern, too far south in Logan County to care and too far North of Nashville for anyone to find, the sweaty smelly nearly abandoned puss filled pimple of the south, the dark dreary dead end economic black hole where your money and your happiness goes to die, the ugly hate filled forgotten wretched drunken blight on the American landscape, and the bully capitol of cowards and down right demonic losers who spend most of their time hating each other, going to funerals, SITTING around, watching the cars rust, the dogs die, and the loud smelly semi trucks pass through.

Home of your not so healthy 50 gallon garbage barrel burning club where burning waste is a multi generational tradition, packs of dangerous mouth foaming feral pit bulls roam the streets by day, and endless parades of loud lung disease inducing ear drum shattering semi trucks and tractors reverberate from street to street. Yup, it’s not the end of the earth but you can see it from the edge of the unfinished subdivision in town, as you stare into nothingness and life its self slowly ebbs and and suffocates from your aching body. You thought your life was HELL?? You will go RUNNING back to it, if you ever spend even 1 single night in this ugly dump of misery, human suffering, wondering homeless cats, stench, old beer cans, toxic fumes, deep seated hate, overzealous cops, drug addiction, perversion, used up lottery tickets, greed, lies, gossip, manipulation, cigarette butts, overgrown sidewalks, government checks, disabilities, FAT women who falsely believe a peeping tom would actually WANT look at them, laziness, alcoholism, boredom, freak show town hall gatherings of the ignorant, obesity, elderly who just refuse to up and die, broken dreams, and ECONOMIC COLLAPSE.

Due to what we feel is SEVERE, barbaric, and possibly illegal mistreatment from Logan County KY officials, and especially Adairville Kentucky City Hall (it’s the ugly drab cinder block building near the square with a stupid mural on the side), primarily starting in 2016, we have decided to take a stance with our economics, our assets, and our investments here. The following list, below, is of actions thus taken so far by the White Family, and more will be forthcoming. The actions on this page represent the direct mistreatment, disrespect, and hate the White Family (a very peaceful, loving, hard working, respectful, Christian family who moved here in 1937) has received. These actions we are taking severely impact many people financially in Logan County KY, many of which are already in extreme poverty, and the city of Adairville KY directly. If YOU live inside Logan County Kentucky, maybe you should also consider moving out permanently, as we are. A link to this site will be included in ALL outbound email from today forward.

Adairville KY Stinks!!!!

According to certain websites, the 1999 population of Adairville was 1,027, but current 2023 population is 831, is currently declining at a rate of -0.24% annually, and its population has decreased by -0.72% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 837 in 2020. Most everyone who moves to Adairville KY, moves out and never returns. The old grocery was shuttered about 10 years ago, the “new” supposedly amazing grocery is NOT open, has been under construction for over 3 years, and stands unfinished and fenced off. There is however a new liquor distillery open in the middle of town, but attempting to wash away your depression won’t do any good here. Adairville, overall, just sucks, it’s an economic black hole, a deep pit of hate and despair, don’t even stop for gas is our recommendation. We deeply apologize to the businesses, families, and people our decision to cease business here has impacted, please take up your grievances with Adairville Kentucky City Hall, & Logan County KY Officials, it won’t do any good, at all, but you can frustrate them just the same, they are extremely adept at APPEARING to “be busy”, but the truth is, most of Logan County just sits around all day.

Average household annual income in Adairville is a pathetic $44,185.00 with a poverty rate of 40.98%, amazingly only 35 short miles to the south in Nashville TN the average household income is a whopping $83,348.00. Astonishingly a full 67.8% of residents never even attended college. The average worker living in Adairville KY, sadly, makes only $26,895.00 per year. The official national poverty rate across the USA in 2021 was 11.6% percent. If you want a good life, and money to pay your bills and extra each month to invest, take vacations, and have fun, Adairville KY and Logan County KY are NOT the places YOU want to be!!!! This webpage will be here permanently, forever, and we also have, and, and all 3 will be updated on a regular basis. We plan to erect a L A R G E sign on highway 431 leading into Adairville KY, 8 feet high by 16 feet wide and 20 feet off the ground, with THIS domain name on it, for ALL the world to see!!!!!!! DO NOT MOVE TO ADAIRVILLE, it SUCKS HERE!!!! Despite the fact that the Adairville KY City WATER TOWER sits on land WE used to own, we are still treated like DIRT by City Hall!!!! This page last updated on 02-23-2023.

UTILITIES ~ shut OFF the Adairville KY City water at duplex, on 1 side, in October 2020, still off as of 02-22-23.

REAL ESTATE ~ offered a large house for $150,000.00, decided NOT to purchase it, owner moved to Franklin KY.

RETAIL SPACE ~ decided NOT to purchase multiple retail spaces on square in Adairville KY, 2016 – 2023.

LEFT TOWN ~ from 09-2020 to 12-2023 Marc White spent over $160,000.00, almost none of it in Logan County KY.

FARM LAND ~ canceled lease on 1 tract of land with Robey Farms for end of crop production 2023.

BANKING ~ closed 3 bank accounts in Adairville KY at Lewisburg Bank Adairville Branch, 02-2023.

BANKING ~ we plan to close ALL bank accounts at Lewisburg Bank in Adairville KY, permanently.

FARM LAND – considering canceling another lease with Robey Farms at some point.

AUTO GASOLINE ~ ceased filling up any and all vehicles with gas in Logan County KY and City of Adairville KY.

PATRONAGE ~ ceased any and all patronage of any and all businesses possible, inside Logan County KY, 01-2023.

INSURANCE ~ plan to cancel home owners insurance policy with Marklin Insurance Agency in Adairville KY.

INSURANCE ~ plan to cancel farm insurance policy with Marklin Insurance Agency in Adairville KY.

UTILITIES – plan to shut off Adairville City water to other side of duplex permanently.

UTILITIES ~ plan to shut off natural gas to both sides of duplex in Adairville KY, permanently.

LANDSCAPING – if legal we plan to kill all grass at duplex in Adairville KY to avoid maintenance.

UTILITIES ~ plan to shut off electricity with Pennyrile Electric, on side 1, at duplex in Adairville KY.

UTILITIES ~ plan to shut off electricity with Pennyrile Electric, on side 2, at duplex in Adairville KY.

FENCING ~ we have now TWICE decided to NOT build a nice fence at duplex in Adairville KY.

LEGAL AID ~ all legal work moving forward to be performed by attorneys in Bowling Green KY.

AUTOMOTIVE ~ will never again purchase another vehicle while residing in Logan County KY.

CELL PHONE ~ purchased new cellphone online in 01-2023, NOT retail in Logan County KY.

CELLULAR SERVICE ~ 2 cellphones NOT using Bluegrass Cellular or antennas on water tower in Adairville KY.

AUTO INSURANCE ~ new policy purchased in 01-23, NOT from any business in Logan County KY.

USPS BOX ~ we plan to close our P.O. Box we have had for almost 40 years, permanently.

DEFERRED MAINTENANCE ~ we have ceased spending as much money as possible on home maintenance.

GROCERIES ~ any and ALL food & health care products bought weekly in Springfield TN, NOT Russellville KY.

HEALTH CARE ~ all ER visits, doctors visits, specialists visits, X rays, and more, made in Springfield TN.

HEALTH CARE ~ we do NOT recommend Logan County Memorial Hospital for ANYTHING!!!!

TITHING ~ ceased donating ANY money to homeless shelter in Russellville KY completely.

TITHING ~ each month NO MONEY to be tithed, donated, or given to ANY organizations in Logan County KY.

NURSING HOME ~ ceased visiting any and all elderly patients at nursing homes in Logan County KY.

BANKING ~ planning to close safety deposit box, Lewisburg Bank Adairville Branch, move it to Tennessee.

REAL ESTATE ~ decided NOT to buy lot for sale, north side in Adairville KY, in 2018, they are STILL for sale.

LAUNDRY ~ all laundry, dry cleaning, and clothing done or bought in Springfield or Nashville TN.

EQUINE ~ all equine, horses, mules, and donkeys have been moved OUT of Logan County KY 06-2022.

FARM SUPPLIES ~ we will no longer visit nor purchase supplies from Tractor Supply Russellville KY 10-2020.

EMPLOYMENT ~ we will NOT perform ANY work for ANY potential clients in Logan County KY 01-2023.

WALMART ~ there are to be NO trips to Walmart in Russellville KY, but rather Springfield TN.

WORSHIP ~ we will attend NO church services in Logan County KY, but rather Franklin KY.

TOBACCO FESTIVAL ~ we will NOT do anymore advertising through Russellville KY Chamber of Commerce.

SOCIAL MEDIA ~ we will NEVER support any businesses on social media in Logan County KY again.

NO DUES ~ we have STOPPED paying dues & canceled membership, Russellville KY Chamber of Commerce.

HEALTH CARE ~ all haircuts, beauty parlor visits, and personal grooming needs to be done in Springfield TN.

USE OF LAND ~ any and ALL requests by anyone to use our land in Adairville KY will be denied!

RENTALS ~ we refuse to rent ANY trucks, machinery, or equipment in Russellville KY.

LANSCAPING ~ we refuse to cut down only tree in yard, so City of Adairville can keep trimming it.

INTERNET ACCESS ~ decided to NOT upgrade to a faster speed with Logan Telephone Company, 10-2020.

UTILITIES ~ all Adairville KY water, electricity, gas, and all utilities to be kept OFF when not in use.

EXTERIOR STORAGE ~ decided to NOT build an exterior storage building in Adairville KY.

GARDEN ~ we will NOT plant any garden in Adairville KY ever again, to conserve water.

UTILITIES ~ we plan to cut OFF ALL public utilities at The Triple J Round Rock Ranch, and go off grid.

ROCK ~ cease ordering any and all crushed rock or gravel from any business in Logan County KY.

DRIVEWAY ~ decided to NOT install a proper driveway in Adairville KY, muddy ruts is all the city deserves.

RETIREMENT ~ we have ZERO plans to retire in Logan County KY, especially dirt hole Adairville KY.

CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS ~ ceased attending ANY and all SUCK A$$ Adairville City Council meetings.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL ~ will NEVER again attend nor spend money at the Adairville KY Strawberry Festival.

ASSOCIATES ~ we are telling anyone and everyone to MOVE OUT of Adairville KY & Logan County KY.

COMMUNITY WEBSITE ~ we decided to NOT host, build, or maintain an Adairville KY community website.

DIGITAL FOOTPRINT ~ we plan to post the link to this site online, wherever and whenever possible.


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